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The Truth About Nutrients

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by nutrition? You’re not alone. The way we receive information about nutrition is convoluted. So, let’s simplify it for a minute and talk about nutrients. 

What is nutrient density? 

Carbs, fats and proteins are nutrients but this specifically refers to the vitamin and mineral content vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, lean protein and essential fatty acids found in our food.

Why is it important?

Nutrients provide energy, repair tissue, boost our immune system, support body function and lead to an improved athletic performance. Athletes who consume a nutrient dense diet see improved recovery and athletic performance. 

So, how do I know how many calories and nutrients I need per day?

It depends. 

For athletes of all levels and disciplines, caloric needs vary based on your training schedule, lifestyle and so much more. 

Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Even the 2,000 calories per day recommendation is an arbitrary number and is more than likely a little low for your needs. 

Finding the right approach to nutrition is key when it comes to your training schedule and athletic performance. Most importantly – this approach needs to work for YOU. 

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