unleash your inner athlete

Gain strength, speed & show up on race day with confidence.

unleash your inner athlete

Gain fitness and strength with custom training plans, nutrition programs and more.

The Athlete Mindset

Working with a wide variety of athletes has shown me that athleticism is about more than being at an elite level. If you are…

  • Dedicated to improvement
  • Committed to your fitness and/or sport
  • Determined to achieve a goal

Consider yourself an athlete! While there may be a lot of debate on the subject, it’s not about what other people think. It’s about changing your mindset.

If you are a runner or endurance athlete looking to gain strength and improve your performance, I can help. See how we can work together:

My Coaching Approach

As a personal trainer and coach, I help runners and endurance athletes gain strength & speed and show up on race day with confidence. At any level, a lot goes into being an athlete. A holistic approach to fitness and nutrition ensures that my clients and athletes are educated on nutrition, recovery practices and so much more. So, whether you are preparing for your first race or looking to improve your time and performance, I will build you a comprehensive training plan. 

You don’t need to look a certain way to be an athlete because health and athleticism happen at every size. Ultimately, I want my athletes to improve their performance while finding a balance in training and daily life. No matter your goals or sport, you’ll get a thoughtfully designed training program delivered straight to your phone and/or a 1:1 coaching program that will educate you, keep you accountable and help you make the most out of your training plan.

What My Clients Say:

"Molly's a great trainer with a positive attitude and willing to make an adaptable training plan to fit your needs."
Eddie Crawford
“Molly is an incredible Nutrition Coach. She is so invested in her clients and takes the time to understand and coordinate the best coaching advice with individual schedules and needs. I can’t recommend her enough!”
Shea Roy
“Molly is great at motivating wo feeling like a drill Sargent. She’s also been wonderful about understanding my injuries and working with them.”
Felicia B
“I’ve been utilizing Molly’s coaching for more than (2 and a half years). She is not only professional, but personal. She works to create a program based on the client specifically. Molly has great communication and is always open to talking through the workout as a whole, the moves your doing, etc. I would highly recommend Coach Molly to anyone!”
Nikki Rickord
“Molly is a fantastic trainer who personalizes workout plans to fit your needs and goals. I always left her workouts feeling sore and happy. I would recommend her to anyone!”
Britta Ekholm
“I’ve been working out with Molly for a couple of months now and it’s been a really fun and great experience! She works with you to customize to your needs and is super informative! I like the workout app she uses in which she sends workouts to you daily! She also really nice and easy to talk to. Definitely recommend her!!”
Rachel Pizii
For athletes of any level, fundamentals are the foundation that make everything possible.

Are you ready to become a better runner by making real, sustainable changes? Let’s work together and make it happen.