Choose Your Coaching Plan

Athlete Fundamentals

$249.99 per month

Are you ready to become a better runner? This program is designed for you. Athlete Fundamentals includes a 3 month-long customized training program delivered to your phone, a monthly 1:1 coaching session and more. This plan includes:

  • A monthly coaching sessions including nutrition coaching, fitness guidance, habit tracking, goal setting, and more.  
  • A personalized eating guide with a habits assessment, nutrition education and guidance on fueling for running.  
  • A comprehensive strength training & running plan delivered straight to your phone and customized to your preferred running distance and level.
  • Unlimited access to Coach Molly with ongoing support and accountability.

Strength Fundamentals

$149.99 per month

Are you looking to gain strength and see progress in your fitness? Receive all the benefits of a personal trainer on your own schedule. This 3 month-long customized training program is delivered to your phone with monthly 1:1 check-ins. This plan includes:

  • A strength training plan based on your goals and delivered to your phone.
  • A monthly 45-minute session with Coach Molly that includes nutrition education, fitness guidance and more. 
  • Ongoing support and accountability from Coach Molly.

What My Client's Say

Molly really helped me build new habits and turn my personal fitness and health around. Our discussions around nutrition helped me really be objective with what habits needed to change. I have more energy now, and I don't feel like I'm always defaulting to unhealthy habits when I'm stressed. I feel more equipped to make better choices for my own health now.
Robert Bogan
Robert Bogan
Coach Molly is amazing! No judgement, no pressure. Just patient encouragement and teaching. I needed something to revitalize my body. I felt weak and lethargic. We decided to focus on nutrition and Molly helped me learn how to approach my food from a new angle. She taught me more about "eating a balanced diet" than any other blog post, YouTuber, or book I have ever read. We got my meals more dialed in, changed the different components so I had the right portions of protein, carbs and fats. I feel SO DIFFERENT! I have so much more energy and my health is improving. You truly are what you eat. THANK YOU MOLLY!!!
Rachel Bastarache Bogan
Rachel Bastarache Bogan
Molly is a wonderful trainer. She adjusts her routines to focus on the health needs of her clients. During sessions she constantly reviews her clients immediate health concerns (water, rest, muscle response, etc). I highly recommend Molly and her focused and supportive approach to anyone seeking to improve their health. And, she has great insights into “life” situations and wonderful stories. Enjoy.
Rich Muir
Rich Muir
Molly is great at motivating wo feeling like a drill Sargent. She’s also been wonderful about understanding my injuries and working with them.
Felicia B
Felicia B
I’ve been working out with Molly for a couple of months now and it’s been a really fun and great experience! She works with you to customize to your needs and is super informative! I like the workout app she uses in which she sends workouts to you daily! She also really nice and easy to talk to. Definitely recommend her!!
Rachel Pizii
Rachel Pizii
Molly is an incredible Nutrition Coach. She is so invested in her clients and takes the time to understand and coordinate the best coaching advice with individual schedules and needs. I can’t recommend her enough!
Shea Roy
Shea Roy
Molly's a great trainer with a positive attitude and willing to make an adaptable training plan to fit your needs.
Eddie Crawford
Eddie Crawford
Molly was very good about taking the time to fully understand my goals, and how to make them achievable with my schedule. She helped me with both a basic nutrition plan and a workout routine based around how much time I wanted to put in at the gym every week. Working with her did help me reach my goals, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for new structure in working on their health.
Christine Prothe
Christine Prothe
Molly is wonderful. She is very down-to-earth and is super knowledgeable about health and fitness. She was a swim coach of mine at CU Denver. She always shared new and exciting dry-land workouts and swim sets that didn’t get boring. She always pushed us to our limits and helped us to grow. She really cares about overall well-being. It was never just about one specific thing, but she always encouraged a good balance of physical and mental health which includes challenging workouts, healthy meal plans, and rest to regenerate your energy. She creates an environment that is very inclusive of all walks of life. Molly is the go-to trainer!
Abigail Votava
Abigail Votava

Additional Services

Nutrition Fundamentals

$500 for 6 Sessions

Nutrition isn’t about eating perfectly all of the time, it’s about taking time each day to work towards your goals. Nutrition coaching accounts for your dietary preferences, social obligations and mental wellness. This 6-week program is designed for individuals looking to make general habit and lifestyle changes in relation to nutrition.

  • 6 sessions total with one 45 minute nutrition session per week
  • Ongoing support, homework tasks and accountability from Coach Molly

*Disclaimer: Coach Molly is not a registered dietitian or certified nutritionist. She will not prescribe quick fixes, meal plans or diets and is unable to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Coach Molly provides nutrition coaching because she values a whole health approach to fitness. 

Strength Essentials

$500 per 8 sessions

Take the guess work out of strength training and workout with a personal trainer from the comfort of your own home. This program is designed for individuals looking for guided workouts with a coach to build strength and consistency. This includes: 

  • Two 30 minute virtual 1:1 sessions per week.
  • Additional workouts delivered to your phone.
  • Ongoing support and accountability from Coach Molly.

Why Should You Choose Online Training?

Gone are the days of overhead costs, rigid scheduling and excessive rules and fees from gyms. An online coaching experience can be utilized by anyone from anywhere. This method of training allows me to provide ongoing accessibility, accountability, and flexibility; giving my clients more than ever before. 

The apps and tools that I use deliver thoughtfully designed fitness programs to my clients from hundreds or thousands of miles away. If you value your time and are looking to add a fitness routine to your busy schedule, online training is perfect for you. Get exactly what you need, when you need it and crush your goals in the process.

Looking for In-Person Options?

Do you live in the Kansas City area? I have in-person options available indoors and outdoors. Get more information on pricing and packages by taking a minute to apply for in-person coaching.