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The Cardio vs. Weight Lifting Debate

The highly debated topic – which is “better” for you, cardio or weights?

The Myth  

// You burn more calories with cardio so cardio is better for you than strength training. 

The Fact

// Strength training boosts your resting metabolism and increases lean mass, causing you to burn more calories throughout your day.

The Debunking

In a single cardio workout, you may in fact burn more calories than you do in a strength workout. However, these calorie burn benefits only last 30 to 60 minutes.

The boost in metabolism that comes from strength training can last up to 48 hours.

For the general public, each type of exercise has different benefits and you should include both in your routine. If you’re pressed for time, prioritize strength training and if you have extra time, add some cardio in.

Strength training is important for athletes of all levels.

However for runners, this decision making process looks different. If you are a few weeks out from a race, you’ll want to prioritize your sport over strength training. If you’re just running for general fitness and don’t have a race approaching, prioritize strength training at least two or three days a week. 

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