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3 Reasons You Need To Cross-Train

As athletes, we are dedicated to our sport and can get caught up in only focusing on our discipline. Runners cringe at the thought of strength training; a swimmer will grimace at the thought of running; bikers are not ready to dismount for other forms of exercise.

Although a few people out there may not feel this way, chances are you probably need to add some cross-training to your routine.

Cross-training is defined as engaging in various sports or exercises, especially for well-rounded health and muscular development. Here are three reasons you need to add cross-training to your routine:

// Cross-training is perfect for active rest days. Adding different styles of movement to your training plan gives the muscles used in your primary sport a break. Even something as simple as one bike ride a week for runners or one run a week for swimmers has a lot of benefits.

// It improves balance. Muscle imbalance can lead to injury leading to the inability to practice and participate in your sport. Cross-training helps reduce the muscle imbalances in your body, reducing the risk of injury.

// Cross-training promotes total body strength. By following a comprehensive training plan, you’ll build a routine that includes strength training, cross-training and training for your primary sport. Incorporating different types of exercise will increase overall strength and muscular endurance.

To put it simply, variety in your workout program changes the stress put on your body to help prevent overtraining injuries and improve your performance. In order to maximize the benefits of cross-training, you need a customized plan to suit your unique lifestyle and goals.

So how do you come up with a customized plan? It’s simple! Hire a personal trainer. Whether you want 1:1 training or an online workout program, I’ve got you. Start your journey with a free consultation and find out how we can unleash your inner athlete.

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