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You Are Not The Problem, It’s The Fitness Industry

Scrolling through Instagram is exhausting; it feels like a constant stream of “you should do this” or “you shouldn’t do that.” There are so many trending reels with fad diets, quick fixes and labeling of things as good or bad. If you are consuming this content, you’re led to believe that you are the problem. You are taught that it’s normal to be uncomfortable in your own skin; building an incessant need for change that almost always becomes harmful. 

While it’s common to want to grow and change as a person, it is not at all normal to feel shame in who you are and what you look like. 

The fitness industry and social media are largely to blame for this. From a young age, people are taught to be careful with what they eat, watch their weight and be mindful of how they look at all times. Because of this, new clients are almost always coming to me to lose weight, tone up or change the way they look.

Fitness should be about adding to your life, rather than subtracting. This is why my mission is to help you GAIN fitness and health on your own terms.

Have you ever looked at fitness as a way to gain rather than lose? This can look as complex as becoming stronger mentally and physically, having more energy throughout your day and improving your performance or simply as a way to bring joy to your life and feel more confident.  

If you’re looking to make changes that are only sustainable in the short term or find a quick fix, I may not be the best personal trainer or coach for you but I will continue to do my best to spread knowledge and positivity to educate my athletes and community. 

Don’t change yourself for anyone else but you. You are not the problem, it’s the fitness industry.

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