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3 Tips To Make Meal Prep Easier

Meal prepping can seem overwhelming. The fitness industry has led us to believe that prepping meals is reserved for professional athletes, bodybuilders, dieters and fitness junkies; making it a seemingly impossible task for everyone else.

If you shift your perspective a little bit, preparing food or meals for the week doesn’t have to be so complicated or scary. It can be a great tool for anyone.

Here are a few tips to make eating at home a little easier:

// chop up veggies and fruits at the beginning of the week and they will be ready to cook or eat at any time
// prepare grains ahead of time so that you have rice, quinoa, etc. ready to go for a meal when you need it
// select and cook a protein that you’ll have readily accessible all week

The biggest piece of advice is to keep it simple. It may seem like a waste of time to only pick one of these but you’ll be surprised at where it may lead.

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